Saturday, October 19, 2013

POLICE AND THIEVES...................

I love the TMZ show, and thank them for bringing this story to my attention.  The esteemed (GAG) leader of Belize, Dean Barrow is in Los Angeles for a couple of weeks. Why? Well, it's really a personal vacation, yet likely at the full expense of Belize.... in one way or another. Apparently, there was an 'invitation' from a group of Belizeans in L.A. for him to speak at an event (a good enough excuse to charge the trip), but he and his wife are really in the United States seeking medical attention. Again. This time it's Dean, and something to do with his back. Hmmmmm.....Great Country you run, Dean.  Last time it was your wife in Miami. What's wrong with all the Doctors in your wonderful Belize?Some of the comments I found show that Belizeans already know the problem...... but Dean, you're making it clear to the outside world that you have no faith in your own medical system....and you don't care, either.  As long as the privileged can continue to travel wherever, and get the care they need, that's all that matters.  Mass population be damned.

He was coming out of L.A.'s swanky Italian eatery Madeo, when the TMZ guy who had recognized him on the way in (but not for being a great leader), asked what he thought about our Government shut down... actually, he asked for his advice.  Good ole' Dean didn't miss a beat, and even had a straight face when he said "They should switch to a Parliamentary System". He was laughing as he climbed in the car. Flash to the newsroom. After much laughter, a few digs at Barrow, and Harvey's usual attempt at debate, the famous TMZ 'voice' began...."Breaking Belizean News"  hahahaha..... "Dean Barrow is the father of rapper Shyne", (now there's the reason he was recognized) and he continued to recount the story to everyone about Shyne's involvement with Diddy, J-Lo, the gun, the nightclub shooting, attempted murder, reckless endangerment, and a nine year prison sentence. They said Dean was pissed because New York State paid no attention to his pleas for a pardon when his baby boy was locked up. Mr. PM thought he was important enough to get the kid out of jail.  They wouldn't even take his calls. "Daddy is mad"  someone says and they laughed.  No worries.  They said 'Daddy' was still in power when Shyne was released and forced to return to Belize.  That just added to the shafting he'd already gotten, seeing he's no fan of his father.  He couldn't come back to the USA, but didn't stick around his homeland for long either.

I've been so busy lately that I really haven't paid much attention to Belize. It's a good thing that Tommy Hilfiger had been at Madeo earlier in the evening, assuring paparazzi presence, or no one would have ever noticed Dean was in town.  A quick scan of the local news indicates it's all business as usual for this creep who calls himself a leader.  The articles attempt to present the stories without slanting them... they're bad enough with facts alone, but there are no holds barred when it comes to the comments.  There's no mistaking the complete and utter disdain for the esteemed (I gagged again, lol) leader, who is by all accounts nothing more than a crook in a suit....... or a pig with lipstick if you believe some of the stories..... wink, wink.

So here we are, 9 months after JM exposed the passport fraud in Belize that the Government was then knee deep in, and $$ more than aware of.  Finally, it's been brought to light again, as the articles below will show, but the alleged perpetrators are still far from prosecution. As a matter of fact, two of them are AWOL.  Barrow continues talking out of both sides of his mouth, and apparently keeps lining his (and his junior crooks) pockets.  Instead of hearing that things are improving in Belize, the newspapers are full of the same old shit. And the people keep complaining. Quite frankly, I find it confusing. They know they're being bent over and screwed, but will only sit behind their computers bitching about how much it hurts. When John tried to help ~ bringing baskets of dirty laundry to the forefront, these people condemned him.  "What a loon that McAfee is" they said .... "a Hezbolah terrorist with a Belize passport?" they scoffed.  Accusations and belittling statements flew "He's wrong, bad, uninformed, not Belizean".  Bullshit I say. JM was right, and they knew it. A dose of reality is not always easy to swallow, but how long will this cycle of bitch and deny go on?  At what point will those who are able to, stand up and shout "NO"? When will this tiny country rally together and pull Belize out of this vortex of corruption that's spinning out of control?  We heard a whole lot about Sam's enormous balls as she stayed by John's side, instrumental in his path to safety.  Is she one of only a few in the entire country who actually possess balls? (I can think of a couple more off the top of my head {;~ ).  Seriously, complaining that yet another corrupt official is going to take over for an ousted corrupt official will do nothing to help. Whining by way of your keyboard is not going to bring about change.

Here are just some of the stories....lots more you can read when you get there, too.
Pay special attention to the comments....

A closer look shows irregularities in a bundle of nationality documents 

Elvin Penner says he isn’t resigning and he is coming home on Sunday   

Dean gets caught in another lie     

Cayo northeast constituents say that they are being bribed by the U.D.P.

August says P.U.P. struggling                                                             

Barrow says U.D.P. cannot expel Penner as elected area rep
Eric Chang to lose title and rank as deputy mayor                                   

Despite being removed as Immigration Director, Ruth Meighan’s signature continues to appear on passports

Opposition and business community both want independent investigations into scandal

The visa trail revealed                   

Yep, the same dirt bag involved in all these stories (even if not mentioned in each) wants to tell the United States of America how it should run it's Government.  Ha ha. Hahahaha. Bahahahahahahahahaha. The same idiot who invited the entire cast of the hit series, Breaking Bad,  to an all expense paid vacation in Belize, to (attempt to) remove the negative connotations associated with "Belize" that were part of a TV show ~~~ Not real life, A TELEVISION SHOW.  What a dumb ass.  He must be friends with Dan Quayle......
If there weren't so many people suffering at the hands of this complete lunatic, the shit that spews out of his mouth would be funny.  Instead, he has aided in the corruption of an entire government whose primary goal is to rape the country and oppress its people, and it just keeps getting worse.  I suppose wishing his illness was debilitating would be wrong. Hmmmm..... I've been wrong before..... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Huge Kudos to Phillip "Faada" Henry, who once again is standing up to the madness going on around him.  Since last year I have read many articles about his crusade for truth and a non corrupt Belize.  He should have the citizens lining up around the block to support him. And the ex-pats should be at the front of the line, offering solutions they know to be effective.  The life and business experiences they brought with them to Belize (to say nothing of their funds), along with knowledge of effecting change legally, makes it their responsibility to help.  Period.  Hey Ex-Pats......Stop building higher walls around your compounds while the average citizen struggles to put food on the table.  This is a teeny tiny country.  Think about how easy it could actually be to turn things around.  Another shining light comes from Cannon Leroy Flowers, who said this, in response to an article describing the utterly ridiculous and totally skewed :  A look at the investigating team in the passport scandal.  What a crock of shit.  I hope Flowers and Faada know each other, and are able to help their country.

So why haven't the people rallied behind both these guys?  I might be able to guess a couple of reasons. There is probably fear, and having seen the GSU and other forces in action..... I'll say it: they're some scary fuckers.  There's the lack of education for a large percent of the population, creating groups of people unsure of their rights.  Many are fighting just to keep their families afloat in a country that discriminates against it's own people, and don't have the wherewith all to do much more.  But I can say shame on all the bitchers who sit behind their computers and whine anonymously. I recognize Kriol in a few comments, but most of them are in English, with familiar names..... names we've seen in comments before.  Stand up, step away from the keyboard.  Good. Now, grow a set, put on your big kid pants, and then contact Faada or Flowers.  They may be your only hope. Belize it.

And John, please stay out of L.A. for the next few weeks.  We have miles to go before we rest........   ;)~

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  1. Great post! Your articles have been missed.

    1. Awwww....ty. I've missed it too.

      I have a question for anyone who wants to venture a guess. Why IS Barrow even allowed into the USA, when the innocent citizens of Belize don't have the same benefit? If a Belizean isn't able to just buy a ticket to visit America, how is it that a guy reported to be up to his eyeballs in 'alleged' corrupt passport activities is allowed to roam around freely? And why are US taxpayer's footing the bill for his protection?

      Anyone have any ideas? I mean, it's not like he brings anything to the table, so I just don't understand the US ignoring his 'alleged' continued bad behavior.

      LMFAO 'alleged' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯