Saturday, February 22, 2014


Well, okay, it wasn't 20 years, and it wasn't today.....but it was about a year ago.  To think it all began with a comment on WIM...........

We were in a lull that was beginning to feel like abandonment.  After being with John every step of the way, through the jungle, in disguise, over the water, free in Guatemala, jailed, then free again, he was lost in America, and we were lost without him.  In retrospect, it's amazing how many of us thought he owed us though our mere presence in his tale had precipitated a favorable outcome, and we wanted our payment.  Not money....well, except a few nut-jobs who thought that was acceptable behavior.  No, we wanted something far more valuable than cash....we wanted the story to go on, and on.  And it was that mentality that started the idea of a blog where all the JM followers could come and keep talking. "If you build it, they will come."   It was a fabulous concept, with one tiny little exception.....I was not John McAfee.

That phrase "I'm not John" was repeated by me continuously in the beginning, mostly for survival.  It was very disappointing that the 'regulars' from WIM were not commenting here, and I actually contemplated quitting.  But I'm not a quitter, and I kept writing.  Sandwillow and SL did their best to keep me encouraged, graciously commenting on every post, and once in a while, someone new would join in the conversation.  I'm grateful for that. Having their support may have been what kept me going.  THANKS GIRLS. :) There's still an element of disappointment that some of the people I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with on WIM have not made their way here to WIMAWIW, but seeing them occasionally on John's blog (which never did go away), makes me smile. 

There's really so much to this unbelievable tale of mine, and one of these days, to the chagrin of those who tried to do me wrong, I will share all the sordid details.  The more experienced blog followers warned me....."No WEB, don't email strangers" and "There are nuts on the Internet WEB, be careful"...and they were right.  But, the problem with trying to scam someone is that you must be smarter and ballsier than the person you are attempting to take advantage of.  Thankfully, I've always been armed with common sense as well as brains, and while the female anatomy may not come with balls,  I've always possessed a set. ;}~  Suffice it to say my attacker was unarmed...... completely weaponless, while I had an abundant supply.  But as the saying goes, "all in good time"'s not good to get too far ahead.  My work on No Domain, John's official biography is keeping me busy enough these days, so any and all new projects will just have to wait.

Onward and upwards.  That's the only place to go, and I'm absolutely enjoying the ride. Writing about John's adventure has been a blast, and I'll continue to keep everyone up to date on his new path.  Not sure what's next, but stay tuned.  For sure, McAfee Weekly is a favorite of mine, and being asked to post it on WIM as well as here was hugely flattering.  I'll continue to offer up new tales as often as possible...... JM unfiltered and uncut, sharing tasty little snippets of his world that leave us wanting more, more, more.  Just think of the flashing pink lights.  It doesn't get much better than that.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So here's to another year of fascinating stories, inventions, and sometimes wacky antics, from a man we can't get enough of.  Thanks John McAfee.  And thanks to everyone for reading WhereisMcAfeeandWhoisWeb  over the last year, I appreciate your support.  

                                                             Thanks to Sandwillow for images

With a little help from my friends ~

                                        Joe Cocker at Woodstock, 1969


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