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In the midst of running for his life, John McAfee was forced to open a can of worms that (I'm sure) he would have preferred remain closed.  It was a very large can.....full of nasty, squirming, slimy worms, covered in dirt.  For years, these slimy creatures, existing under the guise of Belize Officials, have been running their country into the ground, while lining their own pockets.  And it was the attempts on JM's life, which escalated to his life-saving escape from Belize, that forced the opening of that can.  We, the followers of whoismcafee  read every word in awe. Some could not believe any of it, and others concurred saying they had witnessed similar corruption, but most of us were fascinated by the information and fearful for John (& Sam)'s safety, all while wanting more. After all, he wasn't just exposing the corruption in Belize, but a potential threat to the security of America. We waited for what should have happened next.  And waited.

Surely someone in the US Government would be concerned.  The Media would pounce on this, right? Nope, this part of John's story was picked up by very few news outlets. Very few.  Oh, the big guys were quick to report JM as unbalanced, or talk about his 'outlandish' lifestyle on every freakin' network, ad nauseum, but they wouldn't talk about passports for sale in Belize.  "You really lived with 7 women?" was far more interesting to them than what he had uncovered.  If it bleeds, it leads is a common MSM phrase. So, once again, the salacious beats out the important, and we all lose.  Here is just a bit of what has been written about the passport scandal in Belize so far....and it's not over.

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Nice work, if you can get it.....

Yes, it's true.  The very practice of selling passports, as told to us by JM more than a year ago, has finally been exposed to the Belizean people.  What will happen now?  As always, my hope is that the people of Belize stand up and shout "NO MORE".  And it seems some of them Barrow's suggestion.

On February 17, Prime Minister Dean Barrow suggested that the Opposition PUP, if they feel so strongly about the Penner passport scandal, could launch a private prosecution. That suggestion has gained traction, not from the Opposition, but from the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), which announced that they will file a private prosecution in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court on Friday. (from Amandala news)

To me, that paragraph above clearly shows the Government's lack of concern over the entire issue.  The Opposition is doing nothing, but a Citizens group is.  That Penner is allowed to attend Government meetings, drives a Government vehicle, and still gets a Government cheque for $7k per month, shows how corrupt the current administration is.  Barrow has a reason for not ousting Penner.....he serves a purpose.  Having him 'resign' from his Ministry position was merely a way for Barrow to save face.  If he truly had the interests of the people in mind, he would have insisted Penner resign from his local position as well, and launched an in-depth investigation.  But we already know that Mr. Barrow's inspirations don't include the betterment of the people of Belize, or even the Country itself, so I'm done beating a dead horse.  Just pray for the people.

There's no doubt I'm happy that John has been vindicated, especially when I go back and read some of the wim comments calling him a liar.  I suppose in an age where almost anything could be faked, we all must be weary of what enters our eyes & ears, so I don't fault anyone who doubts. But doubting something until you're sure or have proof,  is very different than blatantly closing your mind to even the possibility that the truth is being told.  Don't forget..... truth is often stranger than fiction.  TRUE ;}~

Unfortunately, vindication, whether we care about the non-believers or not, does not change the fact that many of us remain concerned for the safety of John and Janice both.  And that concern that was just reinforced, with the publication of  John McAfee's Ultimate Hack by John Casaretto.  Sure, there's  
information we already knew, but it's the new stuff that's shocking. We saw the photos on wim that John and Janice shared from the C2SV conference, but saw nothing of these two pictures......nor knew about their intended message to John. 
Sending a copy of the contents of that envelope along with a phone call to Belize confirmed without doubt what that message truly was. 
And what about the whole Portland episode? One of the many strange events on it's own would have been odd, but add them all together, and it's hard to ignore the expected outcome of the completely orchestrated, yet horribly failed attempt to 'gather them up' and do who knows what to them.  Be sure to read John Casaretto's article for all the details and see what you think.  Me?  I can only imagine how tiring it must be to constantly be on guard, the way JM and Janice have been for months. It seems a miracle that they made it out of Portland alive, but what has followed reminds me of  the proverbial 'out of the frying pan and into the fire'.  Not good, and not right.

Is this the norm for those who dare to expose corruption ......the penalty for doing the right thing is living without peace?  I guess I already know the answer, and John's not the first to be in a dangerous position for exposing hidden information.  Being a whistle blower should make you a hero among 'the people', yet from what I've seen lately, most often, after being force fed the News 'they' want us to hear, the opposite occurs. It's such a strange phenomenon to me.  Here we have 'the powerful', who don't want their secrets revealed because it would shed light on just how badly they are screwing 'the people'.  But when wrong doing is exposed, instead of standing up to the powerful, the people allow themselves to be manipulated, and stand with the powerful ....ironically while still being screwed.  Promises of money or other favors are huge manipulators, especially in places like Central America.  With rampant poverty, the powerful have no problem finding the people willing to carry out any deed for the almighty dollar.  Which brings us back to John and Janice.    

Stay impervious my friends........



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