It began

 My condensed timeline of Who is McAfee


It's hard to know exactly where to begin with this insane, easily misunderstood, often judged, and certainly mad journey of John McAfee (JM), but I will do my best.  It's important to remember that despite moments of excitement, silliness, and faith in John, we never forgot what brought us together..... the murder of Greg Faull.....a murder that has been left unsolved (very common in Belize) by incompetence.  To do the story real justice, reading who is McAfee would be best, but you asked for a condensed version.  Remember, the comments are always a good read, and going back to wim will also show you which follower said what and when. Use the 'Who did What' page for explanations of terms.

From JM's Facebook

Belize is a beautiful country no doubt, and it provides certain perks to those who can afford to live in Paradise.  In 2008, that's exactly what John McAfee did, although from my perspective, John's life in Rodeo, NM.......Aerotrekking, Sky Gypsies, mountains, the desert and wicked night skies were a Paradise of their own, but he wanted to go.  There has been speculation he left due to lawsuits, but everything I've read about JM tells me it was just 'time' to move on.   And what place could possibly be better than Paradise?

JM's AC compound

Science project?  JM with Allison Adonizio
Busy man......not interested in sitting still, so once in Belize, he got to work on multiple projects:  Coastal Xpress Water Taxi , a bar in Carmelita,  Toucan Fly Ultralight Adventure , and an Internet service among other things.  That was just to start with, and soon, he had his sights set higher, with dreams of creating the next big thing  at his new Orange Walk Lab, with his newly hired scientist.
Jungle Lab

 It didn't go as planned, and before he knew it, instead of an amazing medical breakthrough, he was awakened to the sound of the GSU, breaking through his gate to raid his compound.   It was a display of power, and after JM was released without charges, he wanted an apology......several papers ran the story, but let's just say 'not on the front page'.  So this is really when his nightmare began , in April 2012.